About Us

We Are Moray Fitness

We are a newly formed personal fitness team with the vision to bring fun and fitness to all. We strive to help you reach your goals with dedication in a fun and friendly atmosphere.

The Past

Not all Personal Trainers have always had the dream body,

Ally has had a passion for fitness ever since her teenage years, at age 17 her short career in the army came to a dramatic end as a result of a nasty training accident. At the time she was told she would never run again on her badly damaged ankle, so fitness took a massive step back for quite a few years as she settled into married life with young children. At age 26 while pregnant with baby number 4, her weight spiralled out of control not helped by craving for cream cakes and trifle. Ally went from a dress size 14 to a size 26 by the time her daughter was 2 months old. Yes that was SIX dress sizes gained in 11 months.

Ally was struggling to walk more than 200 metres without becoming breathless, and suffering from bad joint pain as a direct result of her obesity & low levels of fitness. Ally tried to lose weight initially by cycling but she was so heavy that the bike tyres would burst under the strain within 500 metres – She kept this attempt secret from friends and family due to embarrassment. Ally battled for just over a year by training herself and diet control which worked for a while but the fat loss levelled out at dress size 18. Frustrated she took the first step of becoming a personal trainer by enrolling at College.

The skills and knowledge gained over 4 years of study both college and specialised courses showed Ally exactly where she was going wrong with her diet and training techniques. Now a healthy jeans size 12, Ally’s weight loss story is almost complete as her goal body fat percentage comes ever nearer.

The Present and Future

As for the woman who was told she would never run again, well she now runs / trains 5 - 6 days a week part time with local running club, the Forres Harriers.

She also completed 2 full marathons within the last year, Loch Ness Marathon (30/09/12) & The Virgin London Marathon 2013 (22/04/2013) & now planning the next one!

Ally is a Personal Trainer who fully understands how it feels to be obese as well as slim both physically and mentally. She now uses this life experience to connect with people of all shapes and sizes inspiring them on their own journey of achieving their health and fitness goals.

Our History